Conditions of Membership

CODE OF PRACTICE: The key to good Aikido is harmony. This is also the key to a good happy club. All students are expected to train with this is mind. There is no competition and therefore no room for conflict. Students are expected to train with all others without prejudice. Politeness and common decency are expected from all students at all times, with care being extended when practicing aikido techniques so as not to cause injury. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure the practice area is maintained in a safe condition. Any potential hazard should be reported to a club official. Any malpractice resulting in injury will result in exclusion from the club. Finger nails toenails should be kept short and all jewellery has to be removed before practice. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times within the dojo when not on the training area. The GI (aikido suit) should be kept clean and pressed and in good repair Junior members will only be deemed to be under the supervision of the club once the bow has been taken and until the class has been dismissed by Sensei. Whist on the club premises however members must maintain a calm and disciplined approach and be supervised at all times.

PLEASE NOTE CHILDREN ARE THE ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT UNTIL THE BOW IS TAKEN. Any injuries must be reported and recorded in the accident book and witnessed. All students must be insured to practice. Insurance is included in the membership fee Aikido techniques should not be performed outside the dojo. Any member found to bring Aikido and of the BAF into disrepute will be excluded from the club. Aikido should only be practiced in the dojo and under the supervision of Sensei If using weapons to practice they must be kept in good condition and covered outside the dojo. The club will not accept responsibility for any offence or criminal act by misuse outside the dojo. The use of video recorders and photography is prohibited unless permission is given by parents and Sensei.