The Macclesfield Aikido Club has been providing Aikido classes, for senior and junior students in the Northwest of England, for over fourty years.

Aikido is an extremely effective martial art and today, is practiced in many different countries around the world. With its roots based in the Japanese fighting arts of Jujitsu and mastery of the sword and staff, Aikido's combination of throws and pins, make it a leading form of self defence.

Taught to police forces throughout the world, Aikido is also one of the few martial arts that deals with multiple attackers and does not rely on physical strength to overcome opponents. This makes it an ideal choice of martial art for women, men and children alike.

Above all this though, Aikido educates the practitioner, in how to gain an awareness of their movements in relation to others and their surroundings. Aikido is the study, (do) of the harmony, (Ai) of energy, (ki) and by harmony, energy can move and be directed and redirected. 

At a higher level, a master may seem to possess magic like abilities, in overcoming their opponents and to create a spiritual like centering of power, like the eye of a hurricane with a storm flowing around it.

For more details, go to Where and When. Macclesfield Aikido club is affiliated with the British Aikido Federation and is a member of the Joint Aikido Council.